CGT Facility

CGT Facility

Computer Graphics Technology acts as the front door to the STEAM Center. The STEAM Center is a new concept for entrepreneur and innovation for Purdue Polytechnic New Albany. The center contains an art & media gallery, an advanced graphics studio, a general graphics studio and a production studio. All the studio spaces have 70″ screens, new computers, new equipment and new paint, carpet, tables and chairs.

Computer Graphics Studios

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Features and Services

  • 3D Modeling
  • Animation
  • Web Programming and Design
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Audio Recording
  • Large Format Printing
  • Conference Room/Kitchenette – Great for small meetings! Call to reserve and pricing.
iMac 27"
Epson P800 Printer
Canon EOS 7D Mark II
BM-800 Microphone
LULZBOT TAZ 5 3D Printer
Photography Station


adobe-creative-cloud-icon  Adobe Creative & Production Suite
flat1000x1000075f  Autodesk’s Maya
blenderdesktoplogo Blender
zbrush_dock_icon_by_theapplebee-d5mgjxk  ZBrush