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The STEAM Center is a student focused enterprise that will plan, manage, design and produce products and services for internal and external clients. As a part of the Purdue Polytechnic New Albany that focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation we seek partnerships with regional businesses and industries. Partnerships can take the form of web design, video production, animation, PCB design, electronic circuit prototyping, technical documentation, 3D printing, solid modeling, prototyping and reverse engineering.

The STEAM Center goal is to provide students with learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Also the center allows for students to identify and develop expertise in various technology based fields and the management of real-world projects from our community.

The STEAM Center Gallery serves as an art and media exhibit space for student and professional works.

STEAM Director

CGT Associate Professor Richard D. Kopp, M.F.A.

STEAM Faculty

CGT Associate Professor, John Finnegan, M.F.A.

EET Assistant Professor, Matthew Turner, Ph. D.

MET Associate Head and Associate Professor, Joe Dues Jr., PE

MET Assistant Professor, Rustin Webster, Ph. D.